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2015 Charity Hair and Fashion Show

dig·ni·ty – the state or quality of being worthy of honor & respect.
Who has the right to take that away from someone? No one does. Style for dig·ni·ty is a social justice movement planning events to support social causes.

Inaugural 2015 dig·ni·ty Charity Hair and Fashion Show

The first dig·ni·ty Charity Fashion Show by Salon | Utopia is not your ordinary fashion show – it will bring the attendees awareness of the struggles individuals face with domestic violence in Iowa. Della Viti is so graciously hosting the event.

The event is RSVP only and space is limited. Early bird tickets are $10 but only until November 10th or until they are sold out. Then prices for tickets will go up to normal admission price of $30 through December 12 or until they are sold out. Tickets will be available at the door for $45 if the event is not sold out. Check ticket availability, purchase tickets, or donate online at http://www.stylefordignity.eventbrite.com. If you have trouble purchasing tickets email sales@stylefordignity.com.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence. 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year.

Database: Iowa domestic abuse homicide victims

Four Iowans have been murdered in domestic violence crimes so far in 2015, according to an Iowa Attorney General's Office report. Since 1995, when the attorney general's office first began keeping the information, 267 people have been killed in domestic violence incidents. The database includes domestic abuse homicides that occurred between 1995 and Sept. 30, 2015.

Iowa Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-942-0333


Event Hosted by Della Viti

Della Viti in Des Moines and Ames are Iowa's first self-serve wine bars.
425 E Grand Ave,
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 259-9918


2015 Vendors for Charity Hair and Fashion Show

Vendors that participate in the 2015 Charity Hair and Fashion show will receive professional video and photography from the event to use for marketing/social media purposes with credit given to each photographer. All vendors present at the event will receive a guest swag bag.

Space is limited so vendors can not setup booths and most will need to purchase a ticket to the event.

Learn more about the event.

Hair and Makeup

  • Hair provided by Salon | Utopia.
  • Makeup by Aleisha Knight

Model Outfits and T-Shirts for Guests

Vendors have the option to have their names be added to the outfits the models will wear out the night before and after the event. Promotional clothing may also be worn by event volunteers.

Current Model Outfit Donations:

  • Salon | Utopia
  • Agency Couture

Step and Repeat Backdrop

Program Ads

Boutiques and Fashion Designers

Are you a boutique or fashion designer interested in promoting your collection at the event? There is no cost to boutiques to be involved in the 2015 dig·ni·ty Charity Hair and Fashion Show.

Options:- donate multiple items for the holiday swag bags for guests - donate shoes/bags/toiletries for the charity
- donate items for the raffle/auction (gift certificates or larger items)
- purchase flyers for promoting the event
- purchase a spot on the purple dresses or t-shirts for models to wear after the event with vendor logos
- purchase a spot on the repeat step backdrop
- donate money to the charities at http://stylefordignity.eventbrite.com
- purchase an ad in the magazine for the event program
- purchase flowers/centerpieces for the event

What ALL vendors get:
- Listed on Facebook
- Listed on the website
- The option to add something to the holiday swag bag

What costs extra:

- To be listed as a vendor at the tables (at the event)
- To be on the repeat step backdrop
- To be listed in the program
- To be listed in flyers, marketing material, in media ads

Vendors Donate Items

There is no cost to donate items to the event as a vendor. Vendors who donate items will be listed on the website, social media, and may be listed on other marketing material. Please send your logo, a couple paragraphs about your company, and a list of items donated to vendors@stylefordignity.com.

Raffle/Auction Items

We are looking for local businesses to donate gift cards or items to be auctioned/raffled off at the event. Money from these donations will go to two local charities, The Children & Families of Iowa Domestic Violence Services and Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Current raffle/auction donations include:

  • Salon | Utopia
  • Larry Cleverley - Cleverly Farms, gift certificate for raffle/auction
  • Amber Miller Cahill - TGR Fitness, gift bag donations
  • Cabaret West Glen - gift cards for raffle/auction
  • Autographed memorabilia from Dodger player
  • Starbucks
  • Marriott 
  • Des Moines Art Center
  • Brian Rathbone - Books for raffle/auction and swag bag
  • Hope Halbrook skin care kits 

Holiday Swag Bags for Guests

Local businesses also have the option of donating multiple items for holiday swag bags that will be given to our guests at the event. Samples, gift cards, and other items are welcome in values of 5-70. Please do not send only business cards or brochures.

Current Swag bag donations include:


  • Tacopocalypse
  • Starbucks
  • Della Viti

Proceeds will benefit three local charities.

About the The Children & Families of Iowa Domestic Violence Services

The Children & Families of Iowa Domestic Violence Services, a nonprofit that helps adults and children cope with the trauma of domestic violence through various programs and services.

- receives charitable donation items and 1/2 the money from raffle/auction

Charitable Donations Welcome

Bring donation items to the event or drop-off at Salon | Utopia.

Band-aids, Shampoo and Soap, Toothpaste, Towels, Razors, Combs, Personal-size Deodorant, Feminine Hygiene Products, Bus Tokens, Coffee, Hats, Jackets/Coats, New Underwear (in various sizes), newer Women's shoes, work clothes


About the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault (IowaCASA) is a private nonprofit organization. Our mission is to unite people and organizations to promote a society free from sexual violence and meet the diverse needs of survivors. IowaCASA provides crucial resources, support, training, and assistance to more than 20 member programs in Iowa. Rape crisis centers, emergency sheltering programs, culturally specific programs, and agencies that work with survivors of both sexual and domestic violence make up many of our member programs. Advocates of these programs offer holistic healing and support to survivors during a difficult time. Our priority is always the survivor.

- receives 1/2 the money from raffle/auction

Read about guest speaker Associate Director Kerri True-Funk


About the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence seeks to engage all people in a movement to change the social and political systems that perpetuate violence against women. We do this through education, advocacy and quality services.

- receives proceeds from t-shirt sales.

Learn more about Style for Dignity Charities

Guests of the Fashion Show

As a thank you for attending each attendee will receive a Holiday Swag Bag of goodies from participating vendors. There will be a gift basket raffle/auction during the event (we will be accepting cash/credit/paypal, please do not bring checks).

The 2015 Style for dig·ni·ty Charity Hair and Fashion Show ticket sales go towards marketing, programs, and event related purchases. Any additional funds will be donated to the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Please direct inquiries related to ticket sales funds to info@stylefordignity.com

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2015 is the first Dig·ni·ty charity event to raise awareness for domestic violence. #StopDomesticViolence #StyleforDignity

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